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Special Events

Tradition and community are words often used to describe the unique atmosphere students, families, staff, alumni, and friends enjoy at Saint Mary's Hall.

The Office of Community Engagement coordinates a number of special events to honor our traditions, build community, and support the mission of our school. These special events are great ways for us to gather together, and we rely on a large number of volunteers to make these events exciting and fun!

Saint Mary's Shield

For more information, contact Director of Enrichment and Events  Laura Baker at (210) 483-9218 or by email at

Grand Day
Grand Day at Saint Mary’s Hall

Saint Mary's Hall grandparents (and grand friends) play an important role in their grandchildren's lives, and we value them. Every spring, we host Grand Day at Saint Mary’s Hall to honor our students' grandparents and grand friends.  

On this special day, students, grandparents, and grand friends enjoy a delicious breakfast together, take a professional keepsake photo, and visit classrooms.  It is a day full of love!

The Ben McMurray Golf Classic, originally launched in 2003, holds great meaning within our Saint Mary’s Hall family.  In 2005

Passport (our fundraising gala and auction) is held every two years, and is a wonderful opportunity for the Saint Mary’s Hall community to gather and celebrate our school. Partygoers can bid on great items in an online auction, and themed packages.

In addition, premium parking spaces, vacation getaways, fabulous jewelry, and other treasures are available in an exciting "Passport Only" live auction!