Meet Our Team

Camilla Hannah Head of Community Engagement

Led by Head of Community Engagement Camilla Hannah, the Office of Community Engagement oversees many functions that are integral to helping Saint Mary’s Hall meet its mission, vision, and growth strategies.

Supporting the school beyond tuition is vital to the programs that create the SMH experience.

Brance Arnold

Assistant Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Laura Baker

Director of Enrichment and Special Events

Esmeralda Castillo

Philanthropic Engagement Coordinator

Camilla Hannah

Head of Community Engagement

Rebekah Kauffman

Assistant Director of Special Events

Amy Luttrell

Director of Spirit Store

Sandi Peters

Assistant Director of Enrichment

Elizabeth Thompson

Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Rhonda Vasbinder

Director of Philanthropic Engagement

Lisa Westergard

Enrichment Program Coordinator, Coach - Tennis - Head Varsity,

Courtney Williams

Assistant Director of Spirit Store

Rebecca Winsett

Constituent Relations Manager