SMH Volunteer Leadership


The success of Saint Mary's Hall depends not only on the contributions of our donors, but also on the time volunteered by our volunteer leaders. 

We appreciate all of our volunteers, from our board members to our alumni to our SMH Fund Form Leader parents. Our volunteers are outlined below.

Board of Trustees 2020-2021

Mr. Edward H. Austin, Jr. – Trustee Emeritus
Dr. Muralidhar Beeram
Mr. Kenneth Bethune ‘01 – Alumni Advisory Council President
Mrs. Elise R. Boyan
Mrs. Carla Alvarez Brozovich ‘01 – Assistant Secretary
Mr. Anatolio B. Cruz III - Treasurer
Mrs. Katherine E. David ‘96
Dr. Houston K. Frost ‘99
Mr. Ronald J. Herrmann – Trustee Emeritus
Mrs. Karen J. Hixon – Trustee Emerita
Mrs. Emily M. Jones
Mr. David N. Kelleher – Assistant Secretary
Mr. James T. Kniestedt
Mrs. Connie McCombs McNab – Trustee Emerita
Dr. Soad L. Michelsen
Mrs. Whitney Solcher Miller ‘97 – Assistant Treasurer
Mr. Christopher J. Pettit
Mrs. Emilie H. Petty ‘01
Mr. Ricardo R. Reyna – Vice Chair
Dr. Benjamin E. Tubb
Mr. Jeffrey M. Vance ‘87
Mr. Curtis T. Vaughan III – Chair
Mrs. Karen Lee Zachry – Secretary

SMH Fund Volunteers

Chair: Fabiola Kaase
Co-Chair: Lindsay Bolner '01

Parent Form Leaders

Luci Bell
Jeanne Blomster
Lindsay Bolner ‘01
Lauren Bullock
Gabrielle Conlee
Francois Gentis
Stephanie Girling
Fabiola Kaase
Kristin Kemmett ‘93
Stacy LaMoy
Bonnie Muecke
Angela Rabke
Elisa Reinsmith
Lisa Rosenbloom
Claire Rouse
Daniela Serna
Ruth Storrie '91
Amy Swaney
Pam White
Jessica Worth ‘00

Grandparent Chair

Barbara Wood '64


Alumni Chair

Kenneth Bethune '01


Faculty & Staff Liaisons

Brian Fleming, Middle School

Kathy Hinders, Lower School

Adrian Viccellio, Upper School