Alumna Continues to Support SMH Nearly 80 Years after Graduation

Alumna Continues to Support SMH Nearly 80 Years after Graduation

The daughter of an Army officer, Lilian Patricia Gill Richardson ‘42, enrolled at Saint Mary’s Hall during WWII. Though she only attended SMH her senior year, Richardson has lasting memories and attributes much of her accomplishments in life to her experience, including after graduation when she went on to The University of Texas.


“When I graduated in 1942, I was well-versed in all aspects of English history and literature. I wished I had gone to Saint Mary’s Hall for a longer period of time, but I loved every moment of that one year,” shared Richardson. “I have fond memories of my time in English class with Mrs. Brooks. She always encouraged me and prepared me to succeed in life after Saint Mary’s Hall.”

While at SMH, Richardson was a Caper, part of the Spanish Club, and an All-Star Basketball player. A boarding student, Richardson affectionately remembers leaving campus to explore the city. “We [boarders] often went on trips to museums or the movies on the weekends. I remember that at the time, the Alamo and Riverwalk had been undergoing repairs, and when they were finished, we went to see the changes.”

An annual contributor to the advancement of the school as a donor, her gift is a special way to recognize her time at SMH and her family’s legacy at the school. 

“While I only attended Saint Mary’s Hall for one year, I am pleased to continue giving each year to honor the memory of my time as a student and that of my mother and aunt’s time as students,” said Richardson. “We really made it a family affair.”

Though it has been nearly 80 years since she earned her diploma from Saint Mary’s Hall, she still carries a deep love for the school and its community. “I wish everyone at Saint Mary’s Hall peace, blessings, and happiness in the school year. Please to stay healthy!”

(Pictured at top) SMH boarders Patricia Richardson '42 and Rosemary Whitehead Jones '43 explore San Antonio (ca. 1941).