Master Teacher 2020-2021

Master Teacher 2020-2021

Bret Bigelow (Upper School)

Upper School Social Studies Teacher Bret Bigelow is a respected teacher and leader. His classes often go beyond the typical lecture and include information that allow students to make connections to lesser-known facts, giving students the ability to see a more global perspective.

Mr. Bigelow has also worked hard to introduce learning opportunities such as National History Day, the use of Virtual Reality to study history, or inviting special speakers to campus.

His impact is evident to students and parents alike. One parent shared, “This teacher has had an enormous impact on my son’s love of history this year. He has been such an encouragement to him personally to go above and beyond his personal best in all his class work, projects, and tests. His enthusiasm for history is contagious and he has made a tremendous positive impact on my son’s growth as a student and leader.”

One student said, “This was my first year at Saint Mary’s Hall, and this teacher accepted me into the SMH family since my first day on campus. I have always enjoyed this subject, and am grateful for my time in this classroom and all of the lessons I was taught this year.”

Not only does Mr. Bigelow teach social studies, he is the chair of the Social Studies Department. He has the ability to encourage students to have a global perspective, and this is just one of the reasons why he was chosen as a Saint Mary’s Hall Master Teacher.

I love Saint Mary’s Hall because the small class sizes allow me to work with students individually while incorporating more projects and small group activities.

Quick Facts
Current Role:
Ruth McLean Bowman Bowers Master Chair in History and Social Studies Teacher
At SMH Since: 2008
Education: Bachelor of Arts – Trinity University and Master of Arts – The University of Texas at San Antonio