A Culture of Trust and Encouragement

Our learning community at Saint Mary’s Hall is intentionally—and authentically—diverse. 

We believe that education for today’s world is best done within a community of belonging. To prepare our students to thrive after graduation, it is essential that they engage in self-reflection so that they understand both themselves and the community they are a part of.  This process of self-reflection—a process that is increasingly critical in an ever-changing world—gives our students an opportunity to understand various backgrounds and perspectives, examine biases, and develop empathy. Our diverse community creates dynamic opportunities at every developmental stage to engage in challenging conversations, practice the skills of civil discourse, and internalize the habits of heart and mind that lead to self-awareness.

We seek to create an environment where we can speak safely about our beliefs, disagree respectfully, affirm each other’s humanity, and love one another by investigating the roots of our disagreement and dismissing ideas that are rooted in oppression. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where every student feels a deep sense of acceptance and belonging, and therefore thrives in academic, athletic, artistic, and social pursuits.

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