Finding “The One” - It’s All About Perspective
By Amelia Teodosio

February has us scampering around with chocolate covered strawberries and heart emojis, trying to find The One who will complete us.

Little do we know we are looking for love in all the wrong places.

Over the years of talking to young people about healthy relationships, a question gets brought up over and over again, “How do I find The One?’“

Now here’s a radical shift - it’s not about finding The One, but it’s about BEING The One.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t want to look for someone to “complete” you. You have to come into a relationship complete.  Sure, nobody’s perfect.  However, you can’t look to someone else to make you happy if you’re not happy with yourself.

I humbly present to you a few simple (and free!) ways to love yourself this Valentine’s month:

1. Don’t compare yourself with others. There is so much more that lies beneath the Instagram filter.  You’ll never be fulfilled trying to be someone you’re not.

2. Sleep.  We set alarms for waking up, but how many of us set one for going to bed?  Calculate your ideal amount of sleep and work backwards to make it happen.

3. Declutter.  If something is not serving it’s purpose in your life, let it go.  This is not only for material things, but can be extended to useless gossip, frivolous activities, and negative self-talk.

4. Enjoy the present.  Be in the moment.  Breathe.  

Be the One. It may sound selfish, but it’s the best thing you can do for your future mate, and even those you currently love.  And go ahead, buy an extra chocolate covered strawberry, and savor it yourself.  

Ami Yearbook Photo


About Ami: Amelia Teodosio is the health and wellness educator at Saint Mary’s Hall, and has more than 10 years experience working in relationship education and positive youth development.  Blissfully wed, when she’s not teaching, she’s at home changing pampers and whipping up a batch of chicken nuggets for her two little tykes.

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