SMH College Alumni Speak with the Senior Class

For 142 school years, Saint Mary’s Hall has prepared our students for success in college and fulfillment in life. Teachers who are experts in their field teach important life skills, provide rigorous and challenging curriculum that allows students to discover interests and passions they wish to pursue in college, and support students in every step of their educational journey. Year after year, our alumni return to campus to tell stories and thank former teachers for setting them up for positive outcomes in their lives after graduation.

But, how do our current students begin to understand how the education they receive from SMH will set them apart from their peers? Through stories and experiences shared by alumni who have quite literally walked in the shoes of our current students, we are able to provide our students with a glimpse into their futures.

On January 11, seven SMH alumni currently in college returned to campus to serve as panelists on the 2022 College Alumni Panel. Panelists provided insight into many aspects of the transition from Saint Mary’s Hall to college such as balancing the demands of being a college athlete and a student, finding a smaller community within a large institution, time management, the importance of networking for internships and job opportunities, ways to get involved on campus, and how to navigate moving out of Texas for school. The panelists reassured the senior class they would indeed be well prepared for success in college because of the strong foundation they built during their time at SMH.

College Alumni Panelists included:

  • Mary Corinne Archer ’18: The University of Texas at Austin
  • Daisy Bousquet ’18: Texas A&M University
  • Matt Leonard ’19: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Brian Garrett ’19: Davidson College
  • Weston Bohne ’20: Texas A&M University
  • Mafer Benavides ’20: Tulane University
  • Max Rosenbloom ’21: The University of Texas at Austin

Saint Mary’s Hall extends its gratitude to our alumni who continue to give back to the School by sharing their wisdom, expertise, and experiences with our current students as friends and mentors.