SMH Science Teacher Creates Collaborative Lab with Grant

Collaborative Lab

Saint Mary Hall (SMH) Upper School Science Teacher Dr. Jamie Holbrook, who received the 2019 Educator Award (and grant) from the Texas Biomedical Forum, is putting the grant to enriching use for SMH students. Because of the award, she was able to conduct a hybrid collaborative lab between in-person and virtual students. 

Dr. Holbrook’s AP Biology class performed a collaborative lab on the development of zebrafish from the embryo stage to newly hatched fry. The imaging technology purchased with this grant allowed in-person students to perform the lab, work with imaging equipment, and share their microscope view with virtual students, who made observations, captured images, and collected data.

“I am so excited that one of my most loved innovative labs can still be done even with hybrid learning,” said Dr. Holbrook.

Texas Biomed

In January, the Texas Biomedical Research Institute hosted a virtual tour and speaking event for SMH's Science National Honor Society students. Students received an overview of the operations at Texas Biomed and the Southwest National Primate Research Center. They also heard from two of the researchers currently working at the center, who covered various topics on infectious disease, from the COVID-19 vaccine to treatment for tuberculosis.

Dr. Holbrook also received a 2020 Science Education Award grant from the Texas Biomedical Forum and V.H. McNutt Memorial Foundation for honeybee research, which she used to purchase more equipment for the two beehives on campus. The hives are still thriving and ready for winter. Honeybee larvae research will resume this spring.

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