SMH Celebrates Senior Lifers

At Saint Mary’s Hall (SMH), our annual Lifer Day is an honored tradition, where we recognize SMH seniors who have spent 12 or more years of their academic lives at our School. “Lifers,” as they are affectionately known, are a testament to the lasting impression the school and its faculty have on the lives of SMH students. Excitingly, it was possible for the event to take place in person this year, with the school’s health and safety measures in place.

On April 27, SMH celebrated 27 senior Lifers with a special ceremony at the Zeller Theater. Some of the Lifers' family members were in attendance. The morning began with a parade through Lower School, where seniors were greeted by Lower School students and faculty with cheers and signs. During the ceremony, each Lifer received a special pin bestowed by an SMH mentor of their choice who has had a profound, sustaining impact on their lives. Head of Lower School Khristi Bates addressed the seniors as well as Head of School Len Miller, who shared words of encouragement and gratitude as they prepare to graduate next month (see a list of the 2020-2021 senior Lifers).

“I think even more profound than the way the school has shaped you, is the way you have shaped the school,” said Mr. Miller. “I hope you always think of Saint Mary’s Hall as your home. No matter where you go, you can always return and it has helped to ground you in values, skills, and life lessons.”  

The legacy these Lifers leave upon the school will echo throughout the halls of Saint Mary’s Hall for many years to come. The paramount achievements they will attain and the positive effect they will have as they go out into the world will tie them inimitably to a long, treasured line of alumni. At Saint Mary’s Hall, we hold our Lifer seniors, as well as all of our students, near and dear to our hearts. Congratulations Lifers!