Seniors Unveil College Choices and Celebrate with a Blue Tie Parade

Ever year in May, Saint Mary’s Hall seniors reveal their college choices. In what is known as College Shirt Day, members of the graduating class proudly wear shirts and sweaters of the college they plan to attend in the fall. 

For the Class of 2021, May 13 was an exciting day. All of our 88 seniors (100%!) took one step closer to graduating and heading off to college campuses all across the country and abroad. 

This year, the seniors had a special addition with a traditional twist. In ordinary years, our Blue Tie Parade precedes the Blue Tie Ceremony at the beginning of each school year. Though we could not safely hold the parade last fall due to the circumstances surrounding the pandemic, the seniors decided to host the Blue Tie Parade (following school health and safety guidelines) on College Shirt Day to celebrate the end of a successful school year and the bright future awaiting them as graduates of Saint Mary’s Hall. Seniors rode on elaborately decorated floats with water cannons and balloons in hand to drench Lower, Middle, and Upper School students lining the parade route. Following the parade, the students gathered for group photos, and then enjoyed a fun reception in the Upper School Circle.  

College Shirt Day

“This year has been one of obstacles that have hindered many of our opportunities to celebrate as a class, so having a Blue Tie Parade was a perfect ending to senior year,” said Sophie Jaafar '21. “Farewells to college are bittersweet, but celebrating our futures with my classmates was something I will remember forever.” 

Adventure is on the horizon as these soon-to-be graduates head to campuses all across the nation and abroad.  We are proud of our seniors, and can’t wait to hear about all they accomplish as they go out into the world. 

For well over a century, alumni have been a significant part of the Saint Mary's Hall community. Their contributions have set a standard of excellence worthy of recognition as well as their professional achievements.

To learn more about SMH traditions, including Blue Tie, visit the Traditions page.