Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Saint Mary’s Hall is delighted to announce that SMH writers Helen Trottmann ’25 and Kate Van Zandt ’23 have been selected as national silver medal winners in the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards, which is presented by the nonprofit organization The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers and is the country’s longest-running and most prestigious award and recognition program for creative teens. As medal winners, they are eligible to attend the awards ceremony at Carnegie Hall in NYC this summer. Congratulations, Kate and Helen!


Additionally, our exceptional SMH writers and poets garnered 6 regional Gold Keys, 1 regional Silver Key, and 12 regional Honorable Mentions. We are very proud of these incredible writers. Congratulations to each of our Scholastic Key recipients, and to their outstanding teachers, Breanne Hicks, Ronessa McDonald, and Amy Williams-Eddy.

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Congratulations to:

Jay Adolphe ‘23                    Poetry                                      Honorable Mention

Anna Albrecht ‘23                 Personal Essay & Memoir       Honorable Mention

Luz Elena Chapa ‘23             Poetry                                      Gold Key

Nandini Cheruku ’24             Poetry                                      Silver Key

                                                Personal Essay and Memoir   Gold Key

Evaristo Elizondo ‘25              Journalism                               Honorable Mention

Julia Garcia ’23                     Poetry                                      Honorable Mention

Max Huddleston ’23              Personal Essay and Memoir   Honorable Mention

Ellen Meltzer ’23                    Poetry                                      Gold Key, Honorable Mention

Isabella Nava ’24                   Personal Essay and Memoir   Honorable Mention

Sophia Nelson ’25                 Poetry (2)                                Honorable Mention

Alex Riebe ’23                       Critical Essay                           Honorable Mention

                                                Personal Essay & Memoir       Honorable Mention

Ferzine Sanjana ’23               Poetry                                      Honorable Mention

Helen Trottmann ’23              Poetry                                      Gold Key

                                                Critical Essay                           Gold Key

Kate Van Zandt ’23                  Poetry                                      Gold Key