Form 5 and Form 8 Barons Celebrate Promotions

Graduating seniors heading off to college aren’t the only ones who are celebrating the next step in their educational journey. Our Form 5 Barons celebrated their promotion to Middle School, and our Form 8 Barons celebrated their promotion to Upper School. These ceremonies are time-honored traditions at Saint Mary’s Hall, marking our students’ transition not just from one Form to the next, but to the next division and next phase of their SMH journey.

While sending our graduating seniors off to their future success is always a great moment with all the pomp and circumstance it brings, Saint Mary’s Hall is just as excited to see our students transition from one division to the next. The Heads of School of both the students’ current division and their future division are in attendance, with one giving a heartfelt farewell and the other offering an enthusiastic welcome. It is a tradition that is only possible at a full-experience, Montessori – Form 12 school, and one that is uniquely Saint Mary’s Hall.

At the Form 5 Promotion, Middle School bound Barons celebrated their time in Lower School and the successes of the past year. Head of Lower School Khristi Bates led the ceremony, calling each Form 5 student up individually and sharing a few facts about them, such as when they started at Saint Mary’s Hall, what they want to do when they grow up, and any awards they received. Awards ranged from Citizenship awards to subject-based awards such as Spanish awards and Science awards. Head of Middle School Sarah Visagie then gave a brief speech welcoming the students to Middle School. The ceremony was then capped off by the SMH tradition of Form 5 students processing “up the hill” to Middle School to officially mark their transition.

Head of Lower School Khristi Bates said, “This class of students has shown tremendous leadership and growth, and made a great impact with their perseverance, grit, and wit. It has taken courage, trust, and faith, with sprinklings of love and kindness. The SMH Class of 2028 is an extraordinary class of students, and all faculty and staff congratulate them as they move up the hill to new adventures and new experiences.”

Form 8 Promotion

At the Form 8 Promotion, Barons heading to Upper School reflected on their time in Middle School in a ceremony led by Head of Middle School Sarah Visagie. The Middle School ceremony began with the presentation of awards in a number of categories, such as Academic Achievement, Art, Athlete of the Year, Community Service, National Junior Honor Society, Student Council, Top Ten Scholars, and Writing, among others. Next, similar to the Form 5 Promotion, students were called to the stage one by one to receive their diplomas. Current Head of Upper School Brent Spicer then gave a speech welcoming these new Form 9 students to Upper School.

Head of Middle School Sarah Visagie shared, “This is a moment to cherish among friends and faculty. We are so proud of this class’ accomplishments and look forward to their continued contributions to their school, their community, and their world.”

Please join us in congratulating these Barons on taking their next step on their Saint Mary’s Hall journey and wishing them continued success as they advance to Middle and Upper School. To learn more about the wonderful opportunities these students will have in Middle and Upper School, visit the Academics section of the SMH website.

If you missed the livestream for any of the events, you can view them anytime in the All-School Events showcase on Vimeo.