Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Saint Mary's Hall

The Visual Arts Program provides students with the structure, tools, and discipline to realize their creative potential.

Through the exploration of aesthetics, art history, contemporary issues in art, and the production of original works of art, students find self-expression and develop a lifelong passion for the arts.

Key Ingredients for Success

Focusing on ways to control fine motor skills and fostering natural creativity in the early years of art exploration helps form a solid art foundation for Lower School students.

Students showcase their skills in events such as the Forms 1 & 2 Art Night, Forms 3 & 4 Art Exhibit, and the Form 5 study of artist Edvard Maunch’s, The Scream.

Creating Transformative Experiences

The goal of Middle School art is to create solutions to visual problems through the improvement of technical skills and through verbal and written critiques. Students are encouraged to speak freely and share their work with peers every week in an informal discussion called, “Art Talk Tuesday” designed to provide instant feedback in a supportive and judgment-free environment.

Middle School art focuses heavily on the principles and fundamental techniques of drawing through projects like the local chalk drawing festival, Chalk It Up!

Dynamic Efforts = Dynamic Artwork

Studio Art and Advanced Placement classes offer Upper School students the opportunity to create compelling images and meaningful expressions through cross-curricular themes in 2D and 3D art as well as art history. Students use multiple mediums such as graphite, color pencil, ink, charcoal, paint, and clay.

Student work is showcased within galleries on and off campus, and in a number of regional, state, and national competitions (such as the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and the Visual Arts Scholastic Event) with award-winning results.

More Than Just Theory

At Saint Mary’s Hall, we offer distinctive learning opportunities. By incorporating thought-provoking field trips and inviting impressive guest artists to campus, students learn how being an artist can transcend their lives as students beyond “the Hall.”

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Renowned Faculty

The work of our talented visual arts faculty can be found on exhibit at local venues such as the McNay Art Museum, the Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, and the AnArte Gallery. Our visual art teachers are:

  • Art History Experts
  • Designers
  • Painters
  • Sculptors