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Whether students aspire to creative careers or are looking to develop skills in problem-solving, communication, and collaboration, studying the fine arts helps them discover and refine their personal voice and vision.

At the Tobin Fine Arts School at Saint Mary’s Hall, we invite students to innovate, take risks, and channel their creative power in exciting ways. Students at Saint Mary’s Hall grow through an exceptional arts training that fosters their ability to think, speak, and work creatively, starting from day one.


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Coates-Seeligson Theater/Chapel
Impressive Fine Arts Facilities: Coates-Seeligson Theater/Chapel

The Coates-Seeligson Theater/Chapel was built in 1996, and was renovated in 2012.  This 500-seat proscenium theater hosts the majority of the music, drama, and dance performances at Saint Mary's Hall.  Its capacity and adaptability have allowed us to use it as an art gallery, assembly hall, testing facility, and community venue for special events.

Remmert Theater
Impressive Fine Arts Facilities: Remmert Theater

In 2009, the Remmert Theater (formerly the Kleberg Family Lecture Hall) was remodeled and converted into a theater with a state-of-the-art sound system and a projection suite, along with the campus’ premiere baby grand piano. Located adjacent to the Upper School and Jamie Armstrong Bennett Courtyard, the Remmert Theater provides space for drama classes and performances, recitals, lectures, showcases, film screenings, and small gatherings.

Zeller Theater
Impressive Fine Arts Facilities: Zeller Theater

The Zeller Theater was built in 1996, and is the perfect outdoor venue for school productions, events, and celebrations.  The theater houses 300 seats, with additional seating available on the hill behind the stone seating. 

Impressive Fine Arts Facilities: Center for Terpsichorean Arts

Known on campus as the “Dance Building,” the Center for Terpsichorean Arts was built in 2004.  The building encompasses three large dance studios with professional level sprung floors, floor to ceiling mirrors, remote video capability, dressing rooms, and offices.

Black Box Theater
Impressive Fine Arts Facilities: Black Box Theater

The Black Box Theater is a flexible seating space used for most Middle and Upper School Drama and Speech classes, as well as for acting showcases and performances.

Media Lab
Impressive Fine Arts Facilities: Fine Arts Media Lab

The Fine Arts Media Lab was built in 2009, and is utilized by students enrolled in Media Arts courses. Students learn to use software such as Final Cut Pro for editing video and the Adobe Creative Suite for Digital Photography on Mac computers.  The facility also includes a projection and sound system for viewing digital media. 

Photography Lab
Impressive Fine Arts Facilities: Marrs & Verna McLean Photography Center

The Marrs & Verna McLean Photography Center is home to a customized wet-darkroom and a spacious art studio complete with the latest computers. Built in 2000, the wet-darkroom is set up for printing with 35mm to 4x5 inch negatives, and the studio is equipped for alternative photo processes, mixed media, and Mac and PC computers for editing.

Visual Arts Lab
Impressive Fine Arts Facilities: King Ranch Family Trust Visual Arts Studio

The King Ranch Family Trust Visual Arts Studio was built in 1988, and is made up of two studios: the Sculpture and Ceramics art studio and the Drawing and Design studio.  Students interested in the Visual Arts have access to two kilns as well as all of the essential supplies used to create amazing art.

Private Lesson Studios
Impressive Fine Arts Facilities: Private Lessons Studios

There a total of seven practice rooms that make up the private lessons studio.  Some rooms are equipped with pianos, as well as plenty of open studio space for private lessons in strings, guitar, voice, and wind instruments. 


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Meet the Team

There are so many opportunities offered by the Fine Arts at Saint Mary's Hall. The Fine Arts classes here at SMH are an amazing way to express yourself creatively in new ways. I have been at SMH since Montessori and am thankful for all the different arts experiences in which I was able to participate throughout my time here. I am also glad that I was able to take three advanced-level art classes during my senior year to expand my knowledge of my primary discipline further. SMH gave me everything I needed to be accepted into top-ranked arts colleges.

  • Nikki Curry '20

There is so much to love about the fine arts at Saint Mary’s Hall, including the valuable opportunities for students to grow artistically without limitation. Whether students are interested in the performing or visual arts, Saint Mary’s Hall provides an abundance of artistic endeavors for students to experiment with and explore. Not only does Saint Mary’s Hall have an incredible breadth of fine arts classes, but there is also an amazing depth and quality to these classes, helped by the incredible Fine Arts Department staff and faculty, who are able to support and foster greatness in their students.

  • Alex Riebe
  • Form 11 Student

As a parent of two children who have been at SMH for 13 and 12 years respectively, and who have thrived academically, I can say confidently, the Fine Arts Department deserves high praise! From Lower to Upper School, fine arts has provided many opportunities for our children: theater productions, annual dance recitals, Orff ensemble, piano recitals, choir, strings (violin and cello), and musicals. I give the Fine Arts Department an A+, as it has provided so many opportunities for my children to explore their interests and develop them along with so many fantastic memories for my family over the years!

  • Aldous Strauch
  • Parent

The Saint Mary’s Hall Fine Arts program gives students an opportunity to experiment with non-academic interests. In particular, the strings program offers young musicians a fun way to make music with each other and strive for excellence in Region and State competitions. The warm support of the faculty, administration, and the entire SMH community helps students achieve success. 

  • Phyllis Nguyen
  • Parent

The Fine Arts Department’s passionate, talented, and engaged faculty provide a vertically aligned curriculum which gives our student artists a firm foundation to build upon as they progress in their creative learning through their years at SMH. In addition, the arts faculty are currently working as artists in their chosen field or have been practicing artists in the past. This real-world art experience really enhances their work every day in their classrooms, studios, and on stage.

  • Patrick Cunningham
  • Fine Arts Admin & Faculty
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To contact the Tobin Fine Arts School at Saint Mary’s Hall, contact Wanda Wiley Atkinson Director of Fine Arts Bethany Bohall at (210) 483-9253 or bbohall@smhall.org.

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