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On this page, you'll find everything you need to get access to the streams of upcoming Saint Mary's Hall Fine Arts events.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all events will be streamed virtually. If an event requires a password, you will find a form to receive your password here. Otherwise, you can follow the link below to the Fine Arts showcase on Vimeo, where you will find all of these streamed events.


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To contact the Tobin Fine Arts School at Saint Mary’s Hall, contact Wanda Wiley Atkinson Director of Fine Arts Bethany Bohall at (210) 483-9253 or

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Kaleidoscope 2020 (December 3)

Kaleidoscope 2020

Kaleidoscope will be available to the community beginning Thursday, December 3 at 7pm in a streaming event. The production features choreography by Saint Mary’s Hall Dance faculty members Head of Dance Yosvani Cortellan, Dance Teacher Yana Lopez, and Dance Program Administrator & Music Registration Coordinator/Jazz Dance Teacher Stephany Rayburn. This production will feature the yearly tradition of Upper School Dancers being selected and featured in the very special “Jenny’s Piece.” In addition, last year’s Form 5 dancers from the canceled spring Lower School Dance Production will be recognized.

Dancers performing in the production are:

  • Divya Beeram (Form 6)
  • Michelle Bourland (Form 12)
  • Eleanor Brooks (Form 6)
  • Emma Carter (Form 9)
  • Ana Cruz (Form 8)
  • Jane Griffith (Form 6)
  • Emi Kosterlitzky (Form 11)
  • Caroline Lawton (Form 12)
  • Megan Liu (Form 9)
  • Bella Munoz (Form 11)
  • Isabella Parodi (Form 12)
  • Amruta Patel (Form 7)
  • Daniela Sala (Form 10)
  • Isabella Serna (Form 8)
  • Alexandra Ulmer (Form 11)
  • Raquel Vildosola (Form 8)
  • Rachel Weissmann (Form 9)
  • Eliana Wyche (Form 8)
  • Olivia Zachry (Form 12)
  • Sofia Zavala (Form 10)

There is no charge to enjoy Kaleidoscope this year. The production will be available on the Fine Arts Showcase on Vime beginning at 7pm on Thursday, December 3.

Click the "Access the Fine Arts Showcase" button above to view the streamed event.