Fiesta 2022

T-Shirts, Tickets

Purchase your Fiesta 2022 t-shirts and tickets today!


Saint Mary's Shield

For more information, contact Director of Enrichment and Special Events Laura Baker at (210) 483-9218 or by email at

Saint Mary's Shield


Fiesta Out-of-Uniform Days

Fiesta t-shirts can be worn to school for Out-of-Uniform (OOU) days on:

  • Friday, September 16
  • Friday, September 23
  • Friday, September 30

Be sure to check with your student’s division office for guidelines on OOU dress code.

T-Shirts & Tickets

Tickets are the currency of Fiesta, and are sold in strips of ten for $5. Most students start with 30-60 tickets and buy more as needed from ticket booths during Fiesta.