Wellness in Upper School

As students mature and begin to take on more responsibility, they must balance school work, social activities, and nurturing relationships with family and friends. Students also begin to face serious decisions about how to conduct themselves while driving, encountering drugs and alcohol, and in dating relationships.

Based upon current issues and needs, an Upper School counselor works with our School Chaplain and our Assistant Head of School for Student Experiencer to offer a rolling program of weekly Chapels, Assemblies, Advisory meetings, and special Assemblies. These activities address specific health and wellness topics such as mental health issues, mindfulness, healthy dating relationships, substance abuse prevention, and digital citizenship. Additionally, the Upper School Counselor is leading “adulting” workshops to Form 12 students to prepare them for transitioning to college outside the classroom. Students enthusiastically learn about everything from changing a tire to the KonMari Method of tidying.