The SMH Fund Volunteers

We rely on volunteers to help us raise awareness of The SMH Fund. Volunteers are integral to our success and we are thankful for their hard work and dedication. More than 250 volunteers have helped us over the years. Every year, we seek new volunteers for The SMH Fund. Contact Director of Philanthropic Engagement Mary Burch or (210) 483-9243 to volunteer today.

2023-2024 The SMH Fund Leadership Team

Erica and Murray Shapiro

Stephanie and Chris Wilde

Form 1
Kelly and Colin Court

Form 2
Wes Miller and Ryan Theuninck

Form 3
Ellen and Philip Hudson

Form 4
Monica Kaushal and Nikhil Sudan

Form 5
Emilie & Bill Baine

Form 6
Cari and Mike Orsi

Form 7
Mireille Ferdinand-Hercule and Pierre Hercule

Form 8
Laura Nell and Trace Burton

Form 9
Hemal and Nilesh Patel

Form 10
Priya Logan and Logan Anjaneyulu

Form 11
Bonnie Elizondo Derby and Federico Derby

Form 12
Lina Cardenas and Dimitar Dentchev