Montessori, Kindergarten, & Forms 1-2

Students applying for Half-Day and Full-Day Montessori and Kindergarten for the 2021-2022 school year must be toilet-trained by first day of school and should be the following ages by September 1, 2021:

  • Half-Day Montessori, age 3
  • Full-Day Montessori, age 4
  • Kindergarten, age 5

✔ Complete Application ($50 non-refundable fee)

 Admission Testing

  • Half-Day & Full-Day Montessori applicants will participate in a virtual developmental screening via Zoom. Before an assessment can be scheduled, applicants must be at least two years and eight months old.
  • Kindergarten – Form 2 applicants will take a cognitive abilities assessment with Dr. John Cannell.  Please call Dr. Cannell at 210-690-0595 to schedule testing.
    • Testing fee is $175
    • Dr. Cannell’s address is 11107 Wurzbach Road, Suite 401, San Antonio, TX 78230

Achievement Testing - Due to COVID-19, we will conduct and schedule Achievement Testing on a case-by-case basis.

Applicants to Kindergarten, Form 1, and Form 2 will be assessed for reading fluency and development via Zoom

✔ Parent Meeting – After an application has been received, we will schedule an appointment via Zoom with Julie Hellmund, Head of Admission and Enrollment Management.

✔ Progress Report – For students currently attending preschool.  Click here to download our Records Release to submit to your child’s current school.

✔ Recommendation Forms -

✔ State-Certified Birth Certificate (required through Form 1)

✔ Immunization Records