Finding a Voice, Taking a Stand

The study of acting, public speaking, persuasion and argument are introduced in Middle and Upper School Speech ​and Drama as well as Upper School Debate classes. Students work to develop:

  • a knowledge of acting technique, characterization, physicality, and knowledge of dramatic literature;
  • utilization public speaking skills to be effective in a variety of genres, topics, and forensics events;
  • presentation skills and the ability to critique and defend arguments and to persuade an audience;
  • ownership of choices, emboldening them to self-reflect and grow as artists and speakers.

Students have the opportunity to take their work on the road as a team, traveling to competitive speech and debate tournaments around the country. In fact, the Middle and Upper Schools have been named National Speech Schools of Excellence, and the Upper School was honored as a School of Outstanding Distinction (one of the top 10 speech and debate schools in the nation) by the National Speech & Debate Association.