Every Child is an Artist

All students explore the fine arts through their academic careers at Saint Mary’s Hall from Montessori – Form 12.  The arts at Saint Mary’s Hall offer opportunities for students every step of their academic careers in Dance, Media Arts, Music, Theater, Speech & Debate, and Visual Arts.

All Montessori-Kindergarten children participate in music classes and perform in concerts, as well as have the option to take after-school dance classes and to be showcased in the dance recital.  

In Lower School our Forms 1 – 5 students experience a fine arts class every day with art, drama, and music classes scheduled on a weekly rotation, along with both in-school and after-school dance options. Over the course of the year, Lower School students perform in plays, concerts, musicals, a dance production, and have their artwork celebrated in multiple exhibitions.

Beginning in Middle School, students continue their artistic exploration, choosing from 11 different fine arts courses, as well arts-based clubs and after-school arts activities. Upper School students have their pick of 34 options to satisfy their creative interests and fine arts requirements, as well as leadership opportunities through organizations such as the Fine Arts Council and national honor societies.

Private music lessons and dance classes are offered at all Form levels, providing even more chances for students to shine onstage in concerts, recitals, and dance productions.

Performing, visual, and media arts are a dynamic part of our community and our arts students expand their skills every day while staying engaged, creative, growing, connecting with peers, and having fun!