Dance Vision Statement

The Saint Mary’s Hall Dance Program & Dance Academy is a unique home for students who are interested in the study of dance. At SMH, students have the ability to participate in a variety of dance forms from ballet to hip hop. Each dance student is nurtured by expert faculty to perform at their maximum potential in their school environment where they have the opportunity to regularly perform for their teachers, fellow students, and family members.

Dance at Saint Mary’s Hall provides students with the opportunity to foster their love of dance; participate in creative expression through movement; develop the kinesthetic skills of strength, endurance and grace; cultivate pride and confidence in themselves; progress in their discipline of practice; and become part of a unique community of dance artists. Saint Mary’s Hall Dance has a long tradition of excellence and strives to develop an appreciation of dance in each and every student. Some of our dancers go onto participate in dance while in college and beyond, but all our dancers hold within their hearts a deep love for perfecting their craft with their fellow dance artists, guest artists, and teachers during their time at Saint Mary’s Hall.