Community Service

Service to the school and the community is a critical area of education that intertwines all of the core values at Saint Mary's Hall. Service to others highlights one's character, instilling the values of care, compassion, and altruism. Service is a hallmark of leadership, and at Saint Mary's Hall, we believe every student is a leader.  

Young Barons in Community (YBIC) is a unique community service experience for Lower School students. The program encourages students to cultivate compassion for others and give back to their community. Throughout the year, students have multiple opportunities to participate in community service activities and events such as

  • Project Linus
  • Operation Gratitude
  • Family service days supporting local organizations like the San Antonio Food Bank

Middle School students are encouraged to step forward to see the need in their own community and address it with their time and talent. Middle School students take great pride in the service they provide to their city and school.

Guided by our service leadership on the Community Service Council, students and parents can volunteer together to have an impact on their community of San Antonio at the following service organizations:

  • American Red Cross
  • Animal Defense League
  • Haven for Hope

Upper School students must complete a minimum of 60 hours of community service, with at least 15 hours earned each year and three hours of giving back to the school through campus service. Students spend time volunteering throughout the San Antonio community including these organizations, among others:

  • CAMP (Children's Association for Maximum Potential)
  • Kids 4 Kids
  • Respite Care