Clubs & Organizations (Middle & Upper School)

Knowing one another extends beyond the classroom — and even our campus. As a student, you can participate and serve as a leader in a plethora of exciting, member-driven organizations and clubs. Through these experiences, our students build a strong sense of community through leadership opportunities, service, and activities that connect them with each other and the larger world. Each fall, we have a special Club Day so you can learn firsthand from other students about these fun and enriching clubs and organizations offered.

Lower School clubs and organizations:

  • Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts

The Middle School clubs and organizations include:

  • Barons Ambassadors
  • Certamen Club
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Environmental Club
  • Newspaper Club
  • Indoor Games Club
  • Just Hoops Club
  • philARThropy
  • Publications Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Students Move Here
  • Young Adult Fiction Book Club

Just some of the Upper School clubs and organizations available include:

  • JSA (Junior Statesmen of America)
  • The Latin Club
  • Literary Magazine (The Walrus)
  • MUN (Model United Nations)
  • National Forensic League
  • Project Teach
  • Robotics/Engineering Club 
  • Shield Society
  • Spanish Club
  • SIG (Student Investment Group)

View a full list with descriptions of Upper School and Middle School clubs and organizations.