A Typical Day (Middle School)

Middle School Schedule

  • 8:15am Home Room
  • 8:40am Class
  • 10:15am Passing Period
  • 10:30am Class
  • 11:15am Lunch - Cohort 1
    Study Hall/Break - Cohort 2
  • 11:45am Lunch - Cohort 2
    Study Hall/Break - Cohort 1
  • 12:15pm Passing Period
  • 12:25pm Class
  • 1:10pm Passing Period
  • 1:25pm Class
  • 2:55pm Office Hours (Except on Wednesdays)
    Athletics/After-School Arts

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School day ends at 2:55pm, and students may go home if not participating in any after-school activities.