A Typical Day (Lower School)

Lower School Schedule

  • 8:15am Morning Meeting
  • 8:35am Class
  • 9:35am Recess
  • 10am Fine Arts/PE/Spanish
  • 11:10am Lunch (in classrooms)
  • 11:40am Class
  • 12:40pm Recess
  • 1:10pm Class
  • 2:10pm Fine Arts/PE/Spanish
  • 2:40pm Home Room
  • 3:10pm Dismissal

Lower School Hybrid Schedules will be emailed to parents by teachers.

Lower School students will begin each day with a Morning Meeting to create opportunities for faculty to understand their social-emotional needs and foster community-building and a deeper classroom connection. Teachers for Form 3, 4, and 5, as well as all Fine Arts/PE/World Language Teachers will rotate between classrooms rather than students changing rooms.