Dates & Details

Summer 2019

Enrollment Opens: March 4, 2019

Camps Begin: May 28, 2019

Camps End: August 2, 2019

Camp Details


Enrollment and Registration

For fast, safe, and easy online enrollment, click here. Our online registration platform provides a system for families to manage student's enrollment from any device at any time. Summer registration opens on March 4 at 8am and will remain open through the summer for classes that have availability.

  • Click on this “register” link. (Previously enrolled families should use their existing login and password.)
  • First time families will click “create an account” to set-up a username and password.
  • Be sure to add each student before registering for camps/courses.
  • Choose classes and make your payment.
  • An email confirmation will be sent after registration is complete.
  • If you are experiencing trouble registering, call the Office of Enrichment at (210) 483-9124 for help.


  • Registration - $15 per student/per summer
  • Late Registration - $25 per student/per camp
  • Cancellation - $50 per student/per week
  • Returned Check - $30 fee
  • Sack Lunch Supervision - $20 per week
  • Meal Plan - $40 per week

Late Registration, Cancellation, and Proation

Late Registration

Late registration often requires instructors and staff to readjust at the last minute. If enrollment occurs after Thursday at noon, the week before the next camp session, an additional late fee of $25 will be added to each session’s registration fee.


By Summer at Saint Mary's Hall
Camps and classes are limited in size and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Summer at Saint Mary’s Hall reserves the right to cancel any course, camp, or program due to insufficient enrollment. If this occurs, staff will work with families to transfer to another available camp or refund tuition.

By the student
A full refund will be given for cancellations made before May 20, 2019. After that date, your money will be refunded only if the class is canceled or a student is medically precluded from participating. A letter from a licensed physician is required. Cancellations made after May 20, 2019, will be charged a $50 cancellation fee for each week, for each student, that classes are canceled.


Proration is no longer available as instructors and staff plan a full week of camp, including supply costs, for each student registered by Thursday at noon, the week prior. We are unable to prorate for camper absences including vacation schedules, conflicting activities, or a change in plans.

Waiting Lists and Absences

Waiting Lists

All camps have enrollment limits which assure campers a safe and fun learning experience. Our online registration system automatically develops a waiting list for all camps. If space opens up in a camp, parents will be notified via email to login to their account and register for the camp.


To ensure the daily safety of each camper, we ask that you report any absence or plans to drop-off or pick-up early. Please email or call the Office of Enrichment at (210) 483-9124.

Check-In/Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Check-In/Drop Off

Monday (Day 1)

  • Parents park and walk children up to check-in
  • Check-in at the Ruth Bowman Rusell Field House occurs 15-30 minutes prior to camp starts unless otherwise notified

Visit the Camp Store

  • Free summer t-shirt (one per summer)
  • Online orders (spirit wear, logo gear)
  • Purchase snack bar cards

Now That You've Got Your Gear

  • Proceed to photography tent to have your child's picture taken (one per summer)
  • Line up at designated camp sign and meet instructor

Tuesday - Friday

  • Drive up to the field house and staff will help unload your camper(s). Parents with younger children are welcome to park and walk students to their camp sign.
  • Please DO NOT park in the Lower School Circle or lanes leading to the circle.
  • Students may be dropped off 15 minutes prior to class start. Students dropped off prior to 8:45am will be sent to Extended Care (see Extended Care section for fee information). Campers may not wait in the Lower School Circle or field house prior to 8:45am without parental supervision.


Your cooperation with following these instructions directly effects our ability to run a safe and efficient pick-up process

  • All families will be provided a carpool hang tag displaying your camper’s name. PLEASE have this hanging on your rear view mirror so that camp staff can find your camper(s) and have them ready to get in the car efficiently.
  • Drive to the field house and staff will load campers into your car. PLEASE DO NOT exit your vehicle – our counselors and staff will assist campers with car seats and loading any other personal belongings.
  • Campers not picked up by 3:45pm will be enrolled in Extended Care and will be charged a fee of $8/hr.

Mini Day Camp Pick-up/Drop-off

Mini Day campers will follow an alternate check-in, pick-up, and drop-off procedure. Please refer to instructions that will be emailed upon camp registration for details.

Extended Care

The Extended Care Program provides care for campers enrolled in Summer at Saint Mary’s Hall before and after camp: 7am–9am and 3:45pm–6pm. The program includes relaxed recreational activities including games and outdoor play. We encourage parents to sign up in advance for our Extended Care Program to help our administration better plan for staffing needs. We understand that circumstances do not always permit early or planned enrollment so Extended Care is open on a drop-in basis for parents with unforeseen scheduling difficulties. Campers who are dropped off before 8:45am or not picked up by 3:45pm will automatically be enrolled into the Extended Care Program. For this supervised time, parents will be charged at the rate listed below. Late fees will be charged after 6pm. For questions, contact Assistant Director of Extended Care Linda Blanks at (210) 669-7941.

Drop-In Rate
7am - 9am June 3 -
Aug. 2
$50 per week $8 per hour
3:45pm - 6pm June 3 -

Aug. 2


$55 per week $8 per hour
After 6pm June 3 -

Aug. 2


$1 per minute ---

Snacks and Lunches


Snacks are provided daily for all campers at 10am and 2pm. Students with special dietary needs should bring snacks from home.


Lunch is scheduled every day for noon and is fully supervised by staff and counselors. We offer a weekly meal plan, with a balanced meal provided by Sage Dining Services®. The meal plan, which can be purchased through your camp account, is $40/week for students ages 6 and older. Students who require special meals must bring a lunch from home.

Guidelines for Lunches

  • All campers who bring a sack lunch will be charged a supervision fee of $20/week.

Camp Store and Snack Bar

Camp Store

Summer at Saint Mary’s Hall logo gear is available for purchase each day at the camp store.

Snack Bar

The snack bar is open daily at the end of each camp session, offering snow-cones, chips, candy, Gatorade, bottled water, and more. Only campers leaving after the morning session will be able to visit the snack bar at noon. Snack bar cards are available for purchase online and at the camp store. The snack bar also accepts cash.

Field Trips

Waivers will be provided by email for any camps offering field trips prior to start of camp and must be completed and submitted prior to the field trip.

Health and Safety

A certified medical professional is on staff every day during the summer. If your child has specific health concerns, please contact the Office of Enrichment at (210) 483-9124 for further direction.

Camper Information

Campers should wear closed-toe shoes and dress in cool, comfortable summer attire. Should your camper be required to wear something different or bring specific items, you will be notified via email.

Please apply sunscreen and insect repellent to your camper every day as even campers in indoor sessions will spend some time outdoors. WATER - Send a water bottle with your camper – there will be multiple opportunities for your camper to refill his/ her water bottle throughout the day.

Personal Stuff
We recommend that other personal belongings stay at home as we are not responsible for lost or broken personal items. We also recommend that mobile devices remain at home. Should your camper need to bring a mobile device, staff, instructors and counselors reserve the right to limit usage during camp time. Please don’t forget to label all personal items.

Inclement Weather

All camps meet rain or shine. In case of inclement weather, Summer at Saint Mary’s Hall will communicate with you via:



Summer at Saint Mary's Hall takes place on the Saint Mary’s Hall campus, making use of our school’s fantastic facilities. From the classroom, to our athletic facilities and fine arts venues, your camper will enjoy some of the best facilities in town.

Get directions to Saint Mary's Hall.

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