Lower School Girls at Saint Mary's Hall

Entrusting your child to our school’s care is a serious business – an act of faith and hope. In choosing us to educate your child, we become partners in caring for their health and well-being.

The SMH Wellness Program seeks to help each student develop the mindset and skills needed to live a healthy life, now and in the future. At every grade level, students are taught how to care for their bodies and social-emotional skills that promote mental health.

We embrace our responsibility to openly and actively talk with our students about the social challenges they face, particularly as adolescents and in teenage life. This includes substance abuse, internet safety, digital citizenship, bullying and cyber-bullying, healthy dating relationships, and mental health awareness. Students in Forms 6-9 are required to take health education lessons taught by Amelia Teodosio, our certified health educator.

Operating from the belief that we must model what we teach, the program also promotes staff and faculty health through onsite health screenings, support groups focused on specific health needs and health education.


We invite you to take a moment to read more about the different ways we are working to educate our community, while promoting a healthy and safe environment.

Wellness in Each Division

Wellness Topics


Sandra Lopez-Morales

Sandra Lopez-Morales
Wellness Director
(210) 483-9146

The part can never be well unless the whole is well. Plato

Wellness Goals

The main goals of the Wellness Program are:

  1. Promote a healthy school environment.
  2. Provide health and wellness education that supports responsible decision making and life choices.
  3. Prepare students for success in college and fulfillment in life by developing practices and habits that promote lifelong health and wellness.