Collegiate Athletes

Saint Mary's Hall has produced many collegiate athletes, take a look at our impressive Baron roster.


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Texas Lutheran
University of Texas
Wesleyan University
Washington & Lee University
Amherst College
Trinity University
Cornell University
Southwestern University
University of St. Andrews
University of San Diego
Colorado College
Hendrix College
University of the Incarnate Word
Rhodes College
Rochester Institute of Technology
Kenyon College
University of North Carolina Wilmington
Texas A&M
Princeton University
Austin College
Rollins College
Carnegie Mellon University
Davidson College
Millsaps College
Rice University
Dartmouth College
Harvard University
Stanford University
Hamilton College
Bowdoin College
Denison University
Middlebury College
University of New England
Mayville State University
Midwestern State University
George Washington University
Buena Vista University
American International College
Franklin & Marshall College
College of Charleston
University of Richmond
SUNY Maritime
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Berry College
Furman University
Burmingham Southern College
Goucher College
St Andrews University
University of Pennsylvania
Massachussets Institute of Technology
Ohio State University
Kansas State University
Bentley University
Centre College
University of Notre Dame
Oxford College of Emory University
Hardin-Simmons University
Tufts University
Centenary College
Savannah College of Art and Design
Johns Hopkins University
University of Lousiana Lafayette
Baylor University
Brown University
Rutgers University
Southern Methodist University
Lafayette College
United States Naval Academy
New York University
New Jersey Institute of Technology

I am blessed to have gone to Saint Mary’s Hall; the friends and people that touched my life during my time there cannot be replaced. SMH has given me an extreme advantage academically, the hard work in high school is worth the ease in college. Lastly, Saint Mary’s Hall was very supportive of my goals and the coaching staff guided me through times in the spotlight – I couldn’t be more grateful.

  • Sam Walbridge '19

Throughout my high school career, I thought the key to success was to master the classroom material or win that specific award. However, the true knowledge and life skills that have helped me succeed in athletics and academics wasn’t found in the books we read, but the teachers and support staff of SMH who influenced my life. I learned how to interact in groups of all different types of people, but most importantly I learned the art of critical thinking and time management. For that I am beyond blessed and thankful!

  • Natalie Schiefele '18

The combination of basketball and academics at Saint Mary’s Hall prepared me for College allowing me to have a strong work ethic, study habits, and focus. Being able to do schoolwork on the road and finish assignments hours before games at Saint Mary’s Hall allowed me to have effective time management so my transition into College was smooth and I had a successful first year. I’m truly thankful for my family as well as the support from all my friends, teachers, and coaches at Saint Mary’s Hall.

  • AJ Walker '17

Saint Mary’s Hall’s high academic level taught me how to get school work done even in the midst of training hard on sports teams. Competing in Division 1 sports, we spend lots of weekends traveling, making it tough to manage a double major and competing at a high level on the weekends, but SMH’s great coaches, teachers, and staff helped me to learn to work hard on the track, while completing high quality work in the classroom.

  • Jon Lloyd '18

Saint Mary’s Hall helped prepare me for college and college athletics by forcing me to learn how to balance the intense academic demand and daily practices and travel schedule. I go to a college with similar expectations in academics so I have performed very well in the classroom while being able to maintain my performance on the field. This responsibility and accountability is something I have seen many of my teammates in college struggle with, especially as they transitioned from high school to college. I learned a long time ago how to balance academics and athletics, whether that means doing homework on bus rides to away games or getting ahead on work the night before a big game in order to be focused for athletics.

  • Madeleine Espy '17