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At Saint Mary’s Hall, athletics plays a vital role in the development of our students. More than 80% of Upper and Middle School students play at least one sport and many athletes participate in as many as three sports annually. Whether on the court or the field, interscholastic athletics at Saint Mary’s Hall give students an arena to test their limits, cultivate sportsmanship, and master teamwork.

By instilling the classical idea of a “sound mind in a sound body,” athletics help our students discover their own strength as they develop lifelong values of personal integrity, responsibility, courage, and perseverance.


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First-Rate Facilities: McCombs Family Athletic Complex

McCombs Family Athletic Complex is the home court for SMH volleyball and basketball teams. In 2012, the complex was expanded to 18,500 square feet and converted into a state-of-the-art facility that houses two refurbished gyms, the McFadden Family Fitness Center, expanded locker rooms, a student lobby, and new equipment.

Booke Family Gym
First-Rate Facilities: Booke Family Gym

As part of the McCombs complex, the Booke Family Gym (also known as the lower gym) was refurbished to better serve the student body. This gym plays host to sports games and special events.

First-Rate Facilities: Napier Gym

As part of the McCombs complex renovation, the Napier Family Gym (also known the upper gym) was refurbished to better serve the student-body. The gym also plays host to sports games and special events.

McFadden Gym
First-Rate Facilities: McFadden Family Fitness Center

The McFadden Family Fitness Center offers a fully equipped workout facility with treadmills, elliptical equipment, and both weight machines and free weights.

First-Rate Facilities: Kim & Rod Lewis Track & Field Complex

Completed in 2012, the Kim & Rod Lewis Track & Field Complex includes the Ruth Bowman Russell Field House and Greehey Family Grandstands with covered seating and a concession stand.

First-Rate Facilities: Lewis Field

The newly renovated track and field at Saint Mary's Hall are impressive upgrades that provide students with an exceptional athletic experience. The turf is made from durable, high-quality materials that are designed to withstand heavy use, ensuring that it remains in top condition for years to come. The field's new track is also state-of-the-art, featuring a resilient surface that is both comfortable and safe for runners.

First-Rate Facilities: Alonso Ancira Event Center

Alonso Ancira Event Center is a 28,500 square foot facility with a covered outdoor area built for events and team gatherings. The center also houses two basketball and three volleyball courts, boys and girls locker rooms, and storage facilities.

First-Rate Facilities: Baseball & Softball Field

Newly renovated in 2016, the SMH baseball field holds stunning views of Northeast San Antonio. The facility includes batting cages, bullpens, and a fieldhouse. Also renovated in 2016, the Softball Field is positioned adjacent to the Baseball Field and shares the same picturesque views.

First-Rate Facilities: Tennis Courts

SMH has two regulation tennis courts. Two are located near the Middle School and five others are located between the Ancira Events Center and the Baseball Field, near the Lower School. The courts are utilized by the entire SMH community.

The athletics staff at Saint Mary’s Hall are a group of caring and engaged educators who work to develop a relationship with all their players and athletes, creating a bond where your development outside the sport is just as important as your ability on the field.

  • Max Rosenbloom '21

I love SMH's athletic program because of how close the teams are. Our basketball team this year was unlike any other because we were more like a family than a team. I also love how supportive and invested our coaching staffs are when it comes to developing athletes. Saint Mary's Hall sports has made me enjoy sports more than anywhere else has.

  • Rodney Hunter '21

In all my near 30 years of coaching at one level or another, I've found Saint Mary's Hall to be the most special place of which I've ever been a part of! The desire to learn doesn't end when students leave the classroom each day.  They also want to learn all they can about their event and the reasons why we train them in the ways that we do.   Student-athletes make it easy for me to achieve one of the two goals I have for each athlete I coach; first perfect their event(s) so that they are able to compete at the next level of competition if they desire and secondly have the knowledge level to coach it after they graduate.

  • David Thurchak
  • Athletics Coach

The Athletic Department at Saint Mary's Hall has blessed me with so many amazing opportunities to grow as an athlete and a better person. I am so passionate about athletics and I am blessed to be surrounded by people who are just as passionate as me. The athletic department support has helped Saint Mary's Hall become my second home.

  • Remy White
  • Form 12 Student

SMH is a unique place where choices are not limited. Our students can explore many extracurricular activities simultaneously, across academics, arts AND athletics. Our Upper School feels like an intimate, collegiate setting, where everyone knows each other well and educators have the time to help each student explore his or her potential. In this broad, inclusive environment, athletics provides our students with opportunities to learn teamwork, collaboration and sportsmanship—and to celebrate all of their successes with each other.

  • Lance Lewis
  • Athletics Admin & Coach

Meet the Team

Joshua Baker - Athletic Director

Joshua Baker has been at Saint Mary's Hall since 2017. Contact him at (210) 483-9163 or by email at jbaker@smhall.org

Katrina Benoist - Associate Athletic Director

Katrina Benoist has been at Saint Mary's Hall since 2001. Contact her at (210) 483-9204 or by email at kbenoist@smhall.org

Tammie Patino - Athletics Operations Administrator

Tammie Patino has been at Saint Mary's Hall since 2006.  Contact her at (210) 483-9200 or by email at tpatino@smhall.org

Jahrrend Arnold - Head Men's Varsity Basketball Coach and Coordinator of Middle School Athletics

Jahrrend Arnold has been at Saint Mary's Hall since 2016. Contact him at (210) 483-9204 or by email at jarnold@smhall.org.

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