Welcome Back Saint Mary’s Hall Alumni!

For well over a century, alumni have been a significant part of the Saint Mary's Hall community. Your pride, volunteerism, and financial support have left an indelible mark on our school and our students. We hope you are reminded that your alma mater is a very special place, and is committed to tradition, honor, and excellence.

This special section of our web site is designed to provide you with information about the Alumni Advisory Council, Alumni Awards, as well as a resource to share news with us, read SMH publications, or order transcripts.

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For more information, contact Director of Alumni Relations, Enrichment, and Events  Laura Baker at (210) 483-9218 or by email at

Laura Baker - Director of Alumni Relations, Enrichment, and Events

Laura Baker has been at Saint Mary's Hall since 2009.  Contact her at (210) 483-9218 or

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Saint Mary’s Hall is known for its stellar fine arts program, which has continued to shine brightly even in the midst of the pandemic.  In the face of the challenges brought forth by COVID-19, our Tobin Fine Arts School and its students have continued to thrive and persevere. In an effort to maintain the safety of our community, the program’s arts offerings have pivoted to the virtual world, but still provide students innovative and creative ways to express themselves through their respective art forms.

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