Private High School Education in San Antonio

Upper School - Eager Intellectuals

Forms 9 – 12

Advanced courses, independent studies, and travel opportunities aren’t just for college students. The Saint Mary’s Hall Upper School empowers students to pursue their passions with the maturity and vigor of eager scholars. Our challenging courses expose students to new ideas, promote thoughtful discourse, and enhance skills essential for advanced achievement and personal fulfillment.

For the most detailed and current descriptions of the Upper School curriculum, download the Upper School Curriculum Guide.

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Upper School Highlights: New Technologies

In addition to the digital resources available through the Middle/Upper School Library, students and faculty utilize new technologies every day such as:

  • A “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) laptop program
  • Biotechnology laboratories
  • Digital filmmaking and sound editing software
  • Electronics projects that integrate hardware with basic programming using Arduino and Raspberry Pi
Upper School Highlights: Advanced Science Labs

Advanced science labs introduce students to the latest in biotechnology.

Upper School Highlights
Upper School Highlights: La Reata

Producing the La Reata (our annual yearbook) gives students hands-on experience publishing in the physical print realm.

3D Printer
Upper School Highlights: 3D Printers

3D printers enable students to move their creative ideas from theory to reality.

Upper School Highlights
Upper School Highlights: Darkroom Photography Lab

The darkroom photography lab helps students understand the principles and mechanics of film photography.

Upper School Highlights: Digital Research Experiences

The iLearning Commons provides students with digital research experiences akin to what they will encounter in a university library setting.

Meet the Team

Dr. Liz Stockdale - Head of Upper School

Liz Stockdale has been at Saint Mary's Hall since 2021.  Contact her at (210) 483-9219 or

Jeff Hebert - Assistant Head of Upper School

Mr. Hebert has been at Saint Mary's Hall since 2010.  Contact him at (210) 483-9211 or