Independent Middle School in San Antonio 

Middle School - Emerging Scholars

Forms 6 - 8

As students advance to our Middle School, they enter a whole new world, full of fresh paths to pursue. Classes engage students in collaboration, investigation, and research amidst a vibrant, hands-on learning environment. The critical thinking, organization, and study skills that they develop during these crucial years will serve them throughout their academic careers.

Middle School Highlights
Middle School Highlights: Leadership Skills Training

Developing independent learners and leaders is the strength of our Middle School, as all students receive formal leadership skills training.

Middle School Highlights
Middle School Highlights: World Languages

French and Latin join Spanish as World Language options, while accelerated courses allow students who continue in Spanish to advance more rapidly.

Middle School Highlights
Middle School Highlights: 12 No-Cut Sports

Middle school students can choose to play in 12 no-cut sports offered over 3 seasons in which they compete against local schools on the fields and courts. In addition, in-school dance and fitness classes are options to make sure your child remains active and healthy.

Middle School Highlights
Middle School Highlights: Experiential Learning Opportunities

Experiential learning opportunities for students include travel to Washington D.C. and New York City (to visit the Arlington National Cemetery, the Smithsonian, the Museum of Modern Art, Broadway), as well as a science trip to Port Aransas and Corpus Christi to visit the Texas State Aquarium, dissect a squid, and the USS Lexington.

Middle School Highlights
Middle School Highlights: Technology in the Classroom

As we prepare our students to excel in an ever-changing world, we’re always evolving the ways we integrate technology into daily classroom instruction. At Saint Mary’s Hall, technology serves as a tool to deliver and enrich our curriculum, encourage student creativity and efficiency, and promote student engagement. At the same time, our students learn how to balance its use with traditional classroom learning. Our cutting-edge approach prepares nimble minds for the challenges of the future.

Meet the Team

Sarah Visagie - Head of Middle School

Sarah Visagie has been at Saint Mary's Hall since 2020.  Contact her at (210) 483-9255 or

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For more detailed descriptions of the Middle School curriculum, download the Middle School curriculum guide.

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