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Lower School - Inspired Explorers

Montessori (beginning at age 3) / Kindergarten / Forms 1 – 5

It all begins with a child’s natural curiosity about the world. By nurturing this innate love of learning in an atmosphere of joy and contagious enthusiasm, we lay a foundation for future academic growth and discovery while building essential skills like concentration, motivation, and self-discipline.

Lower School Highlights
Lower School Highlights: Fine Arts Instruction

Fine arts instruction rotates through music, art, and drama, offering students multiple avenues for developing their creativity. Interested students can also study dance.

Lower School Highlights: Spanish Instruction

Spanish instruction as early as Kindergarten exposes students to a world language at a young age.

Lower School Highlights
Lower School Highlights: Technology Instruction

Introduction to technology begins in Montessori with iPads available to students in Montessori through Form 1 for various activities and projects, climbing to a 1:1 iPad/Chromebook-to-student ratio in Forms 2-5.

Lower School Highlights
Lower School Highlights: Daily Physical Activity

At Saint Mary’s Hall we know the many benefits of movement and physical education. Students in Montessori – Form 5 participate in regular physical activity through regular Physical Education classes and daily recess.

Lower School Highlights
Lower School Highlights: Experiential Learning Opportunities

Experiential learning opportunities like Form 5’s Colonial Williamsburg spring beak trip invite students to experience the places, people, and events they study in class.

Lower School Highlights
Lower School Highlights: Social Emotional Learning

How children learn is just as important as what they learn. Teachers know their students as individuals and provide a nurturing environment for them to develop social and emotional learning (SEL) skills that lead to personal growth and academic success. Daily guidance and practice of SEL skills allow children to become critical thinkers and problem solvers.  

Meet the Team

Khristi Bates - Head of Lower School

Khristi Bates has been at Saint Mary's Hall since 2018. Contact her at (210) 483-9131 or

Nur Mangalji - Assistant Head of Lower School

Nur Mangalji has been at Saint Mary's Hall since 2002. Contact her at (210) 483-9201 or

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For more detailed descriptions of the Lower School curriculum, download the Lower School Curriculum Guide.

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