Marrs and Verna McLean Library Complex

Upper School Library

As students transition into the Middle and Upper Schools at Saint Mary’s Hall, the Marrs and Verna McLean Library Complex becomes their new home for research, information gathering, and learning. Saint Mary's Hall recognizes that the world we live in today requires innovative and creative technology to help students learn. We provide students with the latest technologies, giving them the tools they need to stay at the top of their class.


The Marrs and Verna McLean Library provides the following resources to students, faculty, and parents:


Library Hours:

Monday – Thursday
7am - 6pm

7am – 5pm


Barbara Bertoldo

Barbara Bertoldo
Director of Instructional
Technology & Libraries
(210) 483-9103

Gerri Walls

Gerri Walls
Assistant Librarian
(210) 483-9109