Eleanor Duncan Sarratt Memorial Library

Lower School Students in Library

The Eleanor Duncan Sarratt Memorial Library was developed with our youngest students in mind. While technological advances dictate an educational emphasis on learning and sharing information using technology, we understand that Lower School students must be introduced to those practices differently than their older counterparts. Students are introduced to different technologies beginning in Montessori through Form 5.

The Eleanor Duncan Sarratt Memorial Library provides the following resources to students, faculty, and parents:

iLearning Commons

This digital commons is specific to Saint Mary’s Hall and is constantly being updated and added to by the Lower School library staff. By visiting this one page, students, parents, and faculty can:

  • Search the Lower School library catalog
  • Read specially compiled subject guides
  • Find other useful resources shared by the library staff


Students can easily search the Lower School library catalog from the secure library web page. If they need more information on a topic, they can search in the dozens of databases the Lower School library has access to. Databases include Brain Pop, EBSCO, NewsBank, Encyclopedia Britannica, and more.

Digital Resources

The Lower School library digital resources include:

  • Lower School Librarian's Blog
  • Digital Magazine Library
  • eBook Library with thousands of books

Traditional Resources

While technology continues to play a bigger and bigger role in the classroom, Saint Mary's Hall recognizes that providing access to traditional resources is important. Students in the Lower School have access to thousands of books and audio/visual resources.

Library Hours:

Monday – Friday
7:15am – 4pm


Linda Wells
Librarian & Instructional Technologist
(210) 483-9174

Angie Veale
Library Assistant
(210) 483-9178

Teri Bohlsen
Lower School
Instructional Technologist/
Assistant Librarian

(210) 483-9230