Class of 2021

Portrait of a Graduate

The value of a Saint Mary’s Hall education is evident in the accomplishments of our students and alumni. There is a measurable difference between the quality of the education and the opportunities available to SMH students and students at other area schools.

Through curiosity and hard work, our graduates have built lives as articulate, confident individuals who are well prepared for college and are set on a course for achievement and fulfillment in life.



Class of 2021 Matriculation 

American University
Austin Community College
Baylor University
Boston University
California Polytechnic
Carnegie Mellon University
Case Western University
Claremont McKenna College
Clemson University
College of William and Mary
College of Wooster
Colorado School of Mines
Connecticut College
Dartmouth College
Davidson College
Duke University
Emory University
Furman University
George Washington University
Hamilton College
Kenyon College
Middlebury College
New York University
Oxford College of Emory University
Rice University
Southern Methodist University
Stanford University
SUNY Maritime
Texas A&M
Texas Lutheran
Trinity University
University of Richmond
University of Texas

Class of 2021

  • 92 Students
  • $11,293,588 in Scholarships
  • 62% of Students Receiving Scholarships
  • 64% Accepted to First-Choice College
  • 62% Matriculating Out of State
  • 3 National Merit Scholarship Winners
  • 1,292 Average SAT Score

5-Year Average: 2017-2021

  • 90 Students Average Class Size
  • $10,586,465 in Scholarships
  • 60% of Students Receiving Scholarships
  • 61% Accepted to First-Choice College
  • 62% Matriculating Out of State
  • 18 National Merit Scholarship Winners
  • 1,338 Average SAT Score

As parents at SMH for 17+ years with multiple children, we had always heard rave reviews about the College Counseling Team. Faster than we could have imagined, we were in their offices having conversations that were foreign to us, and if being honest, really scary. Our first student found a school that was not on the radar, but was, and is, the perfect fit, allowing him to thrive academically and personally. It is a stressful process, particularly for the students, but the College Counseling Team did an unbelievable job of walking us through it. We couldn’t imagine doing it without them.

  • Scott and Stephanie Harris
  • Parents

Applying to higher education from Saint Mary's Hall was a breeze! Constant communication from the college counseling staff to parents and students along with their easy answers to my difficult questions meant that our concerns were given attention immediately. Working with the counselors helped to streamline my goals and finish my applications on time. I am extremely excited for my move beyond Saint Mary's Hall and I have the college counselors to thank!

  • Vivek Beeram '21

As parents of a graduating senior, we’re thankful that 15 years ago we picked Saint Mary’s Hall for our son’s education. There were many reasons why - small class sizes, teachers who were engaged and invested in their students but at the end of this journey - the most important aspect was the college counseling/application process. Starting in freshman year, we were gently eased into the thought of college. With each subsequent year, the process became more defined and guided us and our son into achieving his goal of being accepted to his college of choice. His counselor met with our family early in junior year to define his choices and goals for college. The SCOIR app was immensely helpful in refining his college choices. Throughout senior year, his counselor guided him along the way with gentle reminders of deadlines, applications and essays. Going through the college selection process was made much easier by the counselors at Saint Mary’s Hall and we’re so glad that it’s over!

  • Pam Mulrow
  • Parent

College counseling at SMH is a robust program spanning the entire upper school experience that supports students in each of their needs. As a recently graduated senior, I recommend attending college boot camp, a summer session that helps rising seniors complete their big college application essays before the busy school year begins. Even during the pandemic, when the college admissions process was filled with uncertainties, the college counseling faculty was always ready to offer me advice and comfort to ensure that I sent in an application that best represented my identity. Once college decisions were released, the college counselors were especially helpful in working through which school was the best match for me, allowing me to process in my own time while nonetheless offering important new perspectives. All in all, the college counseling office is a great resource for upper school students to help navigate their futures and discover their ambitions.

  • Sarah Hernandez '21

Over the past four years, the College Counseling Team has proven to be excellent for our two daughters. The team makes an effort to know the students beyond their GPA’s and test scores and help them get to know themselves. The College Counseling Team truly enjoys discovering students' particular interests, likes and dislikes, and what makes each one of them unique. They guide students in applying this self-awareness to search and discover schools that could be the the right fit for them.

With the College Counseling Team's expertise, sound advice, patience and enthusiasm, students at Saint Mary’s Hall are exceptionally prepared.

  • Gina Markey
  • Parent

Meet Our Team

Taylor Ditto - Interim Director of College Counseling

Mrs. Ditto has been with SMH since 2018.  Contact her by phone at (210) 483-9179 or by email at at

Melissa Skurka - Administrative Assistant - College Counseling

Mrs. Skurka has been with SMH since 2001.  Contact her by phone at (210) 483-9139 or by email at

Jennifer Spearman - Assistant Director of College Counseling

Ms. Spearman has been with SMH since 2021. Contact her by phone at (210) 483-9139 or by email at