College Counseling

Finding the Right Fit

The goal of the college counseling program at Saint Mary’s Hall is to help students make a good match between themselves and the colleges they will attend.

Using a broad array of resources, our college counselors guide students in assessing their academic and personal strengths and identifying colleges that will match their needs.

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We offer a variety of tools that will aid students as they transition from Saint Mary’s Hall to college:

College Counseling Program

College Counseling

Finding and getting accepted into the right college can be overwhelming. That is why Saint Mary’s Hall begins to familiarize students with the college admission process as early as Form 9. Counselors guide students in all aspects of college admissions such as course selection, extracurricular activities, goals, writing essays, recommendation letters, and practicing interviews.

All Upper School students also attend college counseling sessions, and meet with counselors in individual and family conferences.

College Representatives’ Presentations

More than 100 representatives from colleges and universities around the country visit our campus each year to recruit our students. If you would like to make an appointment to visit with our students, please click on the College Visit Inquiry button.


Naviance is a web-based college data system that offers personality and career interest profiling, access to college web sites, statistical and graphic analysis of our students’ admissions decisions, and electronic documents.


Kelly Jorgensen
Director of College Counseling
(210) 483-9250

Melissa Skurka
Administrative Assistant, College Counseling
(210) 483-9139

Are you a college admissions representative? Would you like to visit Saint Mary's Hall and talk with our students about your college or university? Please click on the College Visit Inquiry button above to schedule an appointment.

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