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Saint Mary's Hall offers students a rich curriculum, carefully crafted to flow naturally through the Forms and connect across the disciplines. 

From their earliest days on our campus, students begin building the essential knowledge and skills that prepare them for challenging, higher-level studies beyond our school.


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Class of 2021
English: Reading and Writing

One of the hallmarks of the English Department is its dedication to the development of good readers and writers. Students first apply reading comprehension skills through the study of exemplary literature, and are then shown the power of the pen to make their own voices heard.

Math: STEM

With the rise of digital technologies in our daily lives, an education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and mathematics is increasingly more important. Students at Saint Mary's Hall learn the mathematical theories and practical applications that are integral to the world around them.

Science: Hands-on Experience

Science at Saint Mary's Hall is an eye-opening, hands-on experience for our students as they explore the natural world. Students develop scientific knowledge and skills through models, experiments, investigations, data analysis, and engaging outdoor learning.

Social Studies
Social Studies: Developing Socially Conscious Citizens

Social studies is all about developing socially conscious citizens who understand, participate in, and make informed decisions about the world around them. Students are taught to research and inquire through a discovery process that equips them with knowledge and understanding of the past, present, and future.

Word Languages
World Languages: French, Spanish, and Latin

Today's world is made up of a plethora of different cultures, and we are increasingly more connected to each other. In World Languages classrooms, students are immersed in the multicultural society in which we live through the in-depth study of the languages and cultures of French, Spanish, and Latin.

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At SMH, I’m able to take part in activities and take advantage of opportunities I probably would not have found anywhere else, I’ve been able to express myself in a way that is altogether unique to me, and I’ve been able to make deep connections with my classmates that will undoubtedly go beyond high school.

  • Michael Karkar '21

Saint Mary’s Hall is a wonderful place to attend school.  The campus is very big and beautiful and the faculty and staff are incredible.  The Fine Arts teachers very nice and caring and put a lot of effort into their projects. We are very lucky to have these wonderful teachers.  Saint Mary’s Hall Is a place that I can proudly call home.

  • Patricio Testas
  • Form 7 Student

Saint Mary’s Hall is a community that cherishes its teachers and invests in our professional growth as content experts and discipline practitioners.  Through the generous support of our school, I have had the privilege to attend and present at national and international conferences and visit museums and historical sites around the world.  Saint Mary’s Hall awards grants for teachers to investigate new strategies and provides the space for us to introduce them into the classroom.  This is the most collegial place to teach and the most empowering place to learn. 

  • Adrian Viccellio
  • Upper School Faculty

The close relationships I made with teachers at Saint Mary’s Hall shaped the way I now interact with professors at college.  Saint Mary’s Hall gave me the confidence to express my thoughts intelligently and be a leader inside and outside the classroom.

  • Gabby Escalante '17

The best part about Saint Mary’s Hall is its environment of support and positivity that gently propels students to new heights without forcing anything upon them. Plenty of schools place emphasis on independence – as does SMH – but students here know that to be independent is not to be isolated; rather, it is to be confident in one’s abilities, a confidence that is developed with the support of teachers and peers. SMH cultivates lifelong learners with an insatiable curiosity and teaches students that they should never compromise when it comes to pursuing their passions, and – most importantly – it teaches that there is always something new to be discovered. 

  • JD Walls '20