Leadership - Board of Trustees

The Saint Mary’s Hall Board of Trustees sets and monitors the mission of the school, hires and supports the head of school, monitors fiduciary matters, and establishes the policies for the operation of the school. Saint Mary’s Hall is governed by a 52 member, self-perpetuating Board of Trustees.

An Executive Committee of 13 members leads the Board and its eight standing committees including the Audit Committee, the Committee on Trustees, the Development Committee, the Education Committee, the Facilities Committee, the Finance Committee, the Investment Committee, and the Long Range Planning Committee. Members serve in three-year terms and there are no term limits.

2020-2021 Board of Trustees

Mr. Curtis T. Vaughan III*

Mr. Ricardo R. Reyna*
Vice Chair

Mr. Edward H. Austin, Jr.
Trustee Emeritus

Dr. Muralidhar Beeram

Mr. Kenneth Bethune '01
Alumni Advisory Council President

Mrs. Elise R. Boyan

Mrs. Carla Alvarez Brozovich '01*
Assistant Secretary

Mr. Anatolio B. Cruz III*

Mrs. Katherine E. David '96

Dr. Houston K. Frost ‘99

Mr. Ronald J. Herrmann
Trustee Emeritus

Mrs. Karen J. Hixon
Trustee Emerita

Mrs. Emily M. Jones

Mr. David N. Kelleher*
Assistant Secretary

Mr. James T. Kniestedt

Mrs. Connie McCombs McNab
Trustee Emerita

Dr. Soad L. Michelsen

Mrs. Whitney Solcher Miller '97*
Assistant Secretary

Mr. Christopher J. Pettit

Mrs. Emilie H. Petty '01

Dr. Benjamin E. Tubb

Mr. Jeffrey M. Vance '87

Mrs. Karen Lee Zachry*

*Officers of the Board of Trustees