Meet Our Faculty & Staff

A school cannot exceed the quality of its faculty and staff. Saint Mary's Hall is proud to include more than 200 dedicated faculty and staff members as part of our school community.

What makes our faculty and staff different is their commitment to knowing each student individually, cultivating a passion for learning, and continuing their own professional education. These passionate teachers and mentors are often leaders in their respective fields, and often collaborate with others in the community.

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number of full-time faculty and staff

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Number of Peggy Pitman Mays Fund for Teacher Excellence grants awarded since 2008

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Master Teachers since 2002

Faculty & Staff Directory

We invite you to search our Faculty & Staff Directory to learn more about our great educators … just click on the profile link, or use the search feature.

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Nathan Cassie

Teacher - 3D Art

Esmeralda Castillo

Philanthropic Engagement Coordinator

Sandi Castillo

Teacher - Form 1/ Coach - Fitness

Barry Chamberlin

Athletic Director/ Coach - Head Basketball

Rosalinda Champion

Teacher - Dance - Folkloric Dance

Concepcion Cisneros

Extended Care Assistant

Elizabeth Clark

Counselor - Upper School

Tia Cobb

Teacher - Montessori

Jennifer Cordova

Teacher - Form 8 Mathemathics

Yosvani Cortellan

Teacher - Dance MS/US

Patrick Cunningham

Technical Director/Theater Manager/Scenic Designer/Faculty

Kay Dahle

Student Service Coordinator

Claire Damarodas

Teacher - Form 5 Social Studies & Science

Shangruti Desai

Technology Operations Coordinator

Deborah DeVeau

Administrative Assistant - Upper School

Wendy Diaz

Teacher - World Languages
< 1 2 3 4 5 17 > showing 33 - 48 of 264 constituents