Campus Map

Saint Mary's Hall sits on 60 beautiful acres near Salado Creek. Looking for a building or venue to plan your visit to campus? Find the corresponding number in the legend below the map to pinpoint your destination.

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Lower School Administration (Bldg. 12)
Kindergarten (Bldg. 13)
Montessori (Bldg. 11)
Form 1 (Bldg. 14)
Forms 2 & 3 (Bldg. 16)
Forms 4 & 5(Bldg. 17)
Eleanor Duncan Sarratt Memorial Library (Bldg. 15)
Ruth McLean Bowman Bowers Extended Care Building (EC) (Bldg. 10)
Center for the Terpsichorean Arts(Bldg. 21)
Band & Choir Hall(Bldg. 22)
King Ranch Family Trust Visual Arts Studio (Bldg. 23 & 24)
Marrs and Verna McLean Photography Center(Bldg. 21)
Black Box Theater (Bldg. 25)
Private Lessons Studio & Media Lab (Bldg. 26)
Fine Arts Administration (Bldg. 26)
McCombs Family Athletic Complex(Bldg. 28) Booke Family Gym Napier Family Gym
Ruth Bowman Russell Field House (Bldg. 20)
Lewis Field
Office of College Counseling(Bldg. 31)
Ruth Taylor Campbell Offices of Community Engagement & Admission(Bldg. 31)
Upper School Administration(Bldg. 31)
Head of School Office(Bldg. 41)
Office of Admission
(Bldg. 43)
Marrs and Verna McLean Library Complex - Hearth Room (Bldg. 43)
Marrs and Verna McLean Library Complex - Bell Tower (Bldg. 43)
Campanile (Bell Tower)
Social Science & History Center
(Bldg. 61, 63, 64) Robert J. Kleberg, Jr. and Helen C. Kleberg Foundation History Building Ewing Halsell History Building
Remmert Theater(Bldg. 42)
Peggy Pitman Mays Dining Hall(Bldg. 44)
Spirit Store(Bldg. 45)
Middle School Administration(Bldg. 51)
Information Technology(Bldg. 71)
Facilities Administration(Bldg. 78)
Alonso Ancira Event Center(Bldg. 29)Kim & Rod Lewis Track & Field
Prichard Classroom(Bldg. 61)
Coates-Seeligson Theater/Chapel(Bldg. 27)
Zeller Theater(Bldg. 27)