Class of 1914

Our Story

Since its founding, Saint Mary’s Hall has called four campuses home. And, although the faces and structures may change over time, the heart of Saint Mary’s Hall endures from generation to generation.

We invite you to take a walk down memory lane as you read the story of Saint Mary's Hall, or watch the video below.

1865: Wolfe Hall Campus

Originally located in downtown San Antonio in Wolfe Hall at Navarro and Martin, Saint Mary's Hall has been located on four campuses over our 130+ years of existence. Wolfe Hall was originally built in 1865 with the intention of being a boys' school, and when this proved to be impossible, a girls' school, by the name of Saint Mary's Hall was established in the Wolfe Hall building. This school existed from 1866 until sometime around 1873. Under the leadership of Bishop Elliott, Saint Mary's Hall was re-established and opened in 1879 with Miss Philippa Stevenson as its first headmistress.