Our Mission

Mission & Values

SMH Mission

Our Mission

With a rich, rigorous curriculum, insightful discourse, and expansive opportunities for exploring the world and discovering oneself, Saint Mary’s Hall sends forth confident graduates, armed with the skills, knowledge, and self-awareness needed to thrive in college and find fulfillment in life.

Our mission is accomplished by:

1. Hiring and supporting an outstanding faculty who are experts in their discipline.

2. Providing the management and long-term planning necessary to provide sufficient resources.

3. Providing a rigorous, challenging, and wide-ranging curriculum and academic program.

4. Utilizing problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking in daily instruction.

5. Infusing character development and core values education into all segments of school life.

6. Offering, supporting, and encouraging multiple activities that provide opportunities for participation 
      in athletics, community service, fine arts, and leadership.

7. Supporting students in their personal faith while instilling universal values for life.

8. Creating and supporting a safe and supportive learning environment.

Core Values & Honor Code

Saint Mary’s Hall teaches Core Values which are at the foundation of who we are. These core values also affect how we interact with each other, and which strategies we employ to fulfill our school’s mission.

1. Courage

2. Integrity

3. Respect

4. Responsibility

5. Spirituality

6. Tolerance

7. Tradition

Students at Saint Mary's Hall abide by an Honor Code that governs the ethical and moral conduct of our community. The Honor Code was established to instill trust, honesty, integrity, and respect for oneself and others, and it allows us to maintain an environment of trust based on a balance between responsibility and freedom. In the Upper School, an Honor Council comprised of students and faculty is responsible for enforcing the Honor Code.

“I am a student of Saint Mary’s Hall. I will not lie, cheat, or steal. My signature is my word, and my word is my honor.”