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I have truly loved my Middle School experience at Saint Mary's Hall. The school provides a supportive community, incredible and accessible teachers, and amazing academics. At SMH, I have enjoyed being a part of the Senate Leadership Council and meeting various friends in different forms as well as meeting many new students as a Baron Ambassador. I also feel fortunate to be a part of the Middle School field hockey, soccer, and tennis teams. Saint Mary's Hall is a special place because it allows me to participate and explore all of my interests while getting a strong education!

  • Annie Herff
  • Form 9 Student

“On my first day of classes at the University of Texas at Austin, I was admittedly unsure what the college classroom held for me. However, at the end of that day, I felt like I was head and shoulders above my peers because I was fortunate enough to know how to read a syllabus, understand and realize the importance of office hours, and had been taught time management skills. I also had the experience of attending a diverse school with a large campus, knowing how to work with peers, and having friends who were not from a single zip code — all skills which were necessities at SMH. Saint Mary’s Hall is a remarkable and safe microcosm of a college atmosphere.”

  • Max Rosenbloom ‘21

My family has been a part of the Saint Mary’s Hall community for 16 years.  My daughters, Lucia and Cecilia have grown into hardworking and confident students over the years.  Lucia graduated this year, and I can definitely see that she is fully prepared for her college education.  While the academics are rigorous, the teachers are supportive and want their students to succeed. The classes are small, so the teachers have been able to get to know each of my children as individuals. To me, one of the things that makes SMH special is the sense of community. Lucia and Cecilia have both developed strong relationships with many of their teachers, and feel supported and mentored by many of them.

  • Amber Canseco
  • Parent

It has been a privilege to have spent the past 17 years teaching at Saint Mary’s Hall within a community of passionate teachers and enthusiastic students.  SMH offers something for everyone – arts, athletics, academics – while fostering a strong collaborative environment that is open to new ideas and suggestions – such as having a student run investment group or an entrepreneurial society.  This environment allows for the students to grow, both academically and personally, and to form incredible relationships with both their peers and faculty alike which often extend past their secondary education. It has been amazing to not only work with such motivated students with so many diverse interests, but also with such a dedicated group of teachers that I am proud to call not only colleagues but friends.

  • Jose Molina
  • Upper School Faculty

I have been part of the Saint Mary’s Hall family for 83 years. I graduated from Saint Mary’s Hall in 1943 and worked at SMH for close to 20 years.  I have been a parent, aunt, grandparent, member of the Alumni Council and SMH Board of Trustees, and unofficial historian.  My favorite memories (though too numerous to mention) include being a student and a graduate followed by years of being on the Residence and Office staff. One of the things I love most about Saint Mary’s Hall are the friendships and connections I made over the years with students and faculty.  A small student body with small classes leads to special attention from teachers and special relationships with other students.   My continuing close association with the alumni over the years highlight my days.  

  • Elaine Hinds '43

SMH Headlines


Class of 2023 College Acceptance List

The College Counseling Office is pleased to present the Acceptance List for The Class of 2023.

This impressive list represents the strong talents, accomplishments, and character of the class members. In addition, it is a tribute to the excellent instruction, care, and compassion they have received from every faculty and staff member of this community.

Schools are listed alphabetically; the numbers after each school name represent the number of students accepted and the number attending, in that order. Schools in bold are those to which our seniors are matriculating...

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Saint Mary’s Hall Inducts Newest Cum Laude Society Members

Saint Mary’s Hall added our newest members to the Cum Laude Society on Wednesday, April 26, 2023. The Cum Laude Society recognizes superior scholarship and is the independent school equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa. Seniors representing the top 1/5 of their class in academic achievement and who uphold the values of promoting excellence, justice, and honor are eligible for induction into the Saint Mary’s Hall chapter, as are new faculty with Ph. Ds or are already in Phi Beta Kappa...

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Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Saint Mary’s Hall is delighted to announce that SMH writers Helen Trottmann ’25 and Kate Van Zandt ’27 have been selected as national silver medal winners in the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards, which is presented by the nonprofit organization The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers and is the country’s longest-running and most prestigious award and recognition program for creative teens. As medal winners, they are eligible to attend the awards ceremony at Carnegie Hall in NYC this summer...

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2023 Issues Day

On Thursday, March 2, Saint Mary’s Hall celebrated its 31st annual Issues Day, a yearly tradition hosted by our Form 11 students. As the Head of Upper School, Liz Stockdale, said during her comments, “Skills, competency, and mastery permeate the Saint Mary's Hall Upper School experience in various ways. Issues Day speaks profoundly to our commitment to deep understanding, real-world application, and respectful civil discourse. Inviting dialogues of this magnitude exemplifies the bravery to question personal understandings, explore values, and engage in meaningful community membership. I am continuously impressed with the willingness of our students to lean into conversations of importance and openly learn more about the topics at hand.”

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