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Head of School's Wish List

Head of School's Wish List

Purchasing items on our Head of School’s Wish List is an easy and tangible way to support Saint Mary’s Hall. This wish list makes opportunities available to donors who may be interested in supporting a specific program or area of interest.

Lower School

Soprano Xylophones
$1,860 FUNDED

Peripole Bass Xylophone
$1,299 FUNDED

Middle School

LEGO® EV3 Robotics Kits
$6,400 FUNDED

iPad Pro™
$1,200 FUNDED

Wi-Fi™ Microscope

Upper School

Binocular Microscopes
$2,400 FUNDED

Computer Science Components and Kits
$5,000 FUNDED

Stereo Dissecting Microscopes
$1,200 FUNDED


Live Video Streaming Equipment
$5,000 each - 1 of 2 FUNDED

Your gift will purchase live video streaming equipment for the Booke Family Gym and Lewis Field. In addition to broadcasting live coverage of athletic contests, this equipment will provide coaches and players with increased opportunities for “film study” after games and practices.

Cold Water Therapy Tub
$19,900 each - 1 of 2 FUNDED

Your gift will purchase one of two cryotherapy tubs to reduce student recovery time from sports injuries.

Shoot-A-Way Rebound Machine
$6,500 FUNDED

Fine Arts

Instrument Purchases

Your gift will purchase a variety of instruments such as the trombone, bass trombone, French horn, clarinet, saxophone, tenor saxophone, piccolo, and flugelhorn. This will give SMH students the opportunity to discover their musical talents by trying an instrument before committing to instrumental instruction.

Costume Stock
$2,000 FUNDED

Polished Brass Chimes for the Music Program
$3,275 FUNDED

iMac® Computer
$1,699 FUNDED

Drums for the Lower School Music Program
$2,300 FUNDED

If you are interested in making a gift to purchase any of these items, please contact:

Camilla Hannah
Head of Community Engagement
(210) 483-9241