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Celebrated Barons

Baron Spotlight

Students at Saint Mary’s Hall are the most academically accomplished in the region, but their success isn’t confined to the classroom.  Students in all divisions at Saint Mary’s Hall have the opportunity to balance their academic success with a passion for play and competition that is nurtured in the Saint Mary’s Hall Athletic Department.

Take a moment to meet the Middle and Upper School students highlighted in the
SMH Athlete Spotlight to the right ...

Barons Collegiate Athletes

Saint Mary's Hall has produced many college-bound athletes, take a look at the impressive roster …


Steven Ramos, Class of 2005
     Trinity University

Blake Hamilton, Class of 2003
     Cornell University



Olivia Hart, Class of 2010
     Colorado College

Abigail Nickle, Class of 2010
     Hendrix College

Laura Thompson, Class of 2001
     University of the Incarnate Word 

Sara Rinn, Class of 1999
    Rhodes College

Rene Martinez, Class of 1993
     University of the Incarnate Word


Cross Country/Track & Field

Erin Persson, Class of 2012
     Carnegie Mellon University

Tyler Patterson, Class of 2011
     Trinity University

Grayam Sailor-Tynes, Class of 2010
     Davidson College

Adam Shepherd, Class of 2009
     Millsaps College

Britany Williams, Class of 2006
     Rice University

Julian Thomas, Class of 2005
     Dartmouth College

Erika “Riki” Helbling, Class of 2003
     Harvard University

Scott Barrows, Class of 2003
     Rhodes College 

Fencing, Field Hockey, & Football

Mackenzie Ritter, Class of 2013
 Denison University
     (Field Hockey) 

Edward Kelley, Class of 2009
     Princeton University

Taylor LaFortune, Class of 2007
     Hendrix College
     (Field Hockey)

Toyja Kelly, Class of 1994
     Franklin & Marshall College



Jack Sertich, Class of 2011
     Southwestern University 

CC Buford, Class of 2010
     College of Charleston

Parker Shea, Class of 2010
     Denison University

Mickey Vaughan, Class of 2009
     Southwestern University

Alexandra Latimer, Class of 2004
     University of Richmond



Andrew Schwartz, Class of 2012
     Goucher College

Paul Swann, Class of 2009
     University of Pennsylvania

Paul Taylor, Class of 2008
     Goucher College

Aren Montgomery, Class of 2006
     St. Andrews Presbyterian 

Jonathan Stolmeier, Class of 2003
     Massachusetts Institute of 

Reeves Craig, Class of 2001
     Goucher College

Ian Montgomery, Class of 2001
     Goucher College

Greg Bice, Class of 1999
     Ohio State University

Michael Murphree, Class of 1999
     Ohio State University

Nick Dipoma, Class of 1996
     Air Force Academy 


Isaiah Longoria, Class of 2012
     Hardin Simmons University

Liam Morgan, Class of 2009
     Hamilton College

Lauren O'Malley, Class of 2008
     Savannah College of Art &

Bailey Morgan, Class of 2007
      Tufts University

Marquis LaFortune, Class of 2001
     University of Texas 
     at San Antonio

Erin Freeman, Class of 1999
     Baylor University

Emily Benson, Class of 1991
     Brown University

Karen Light, Class of 1990
     Rutgers University

Softball & Swimming

Sydney Kranzmann, Class of 2013
     University of Pennsylvania

Gabo Andonie, Class of 2010
     Southern Methodist University

M. Jonas, Class of 2010
     Princeton University

Maitlyn Kraft, Class of 2007
     Bentley College

Cassie Kraft, Class of 2006
     Bentley College


Zach Bruchmiller, Class of 2010
     Middlebury College

Michelle Flume, Class of 2008
     Sewanee The University of the South

Brittney Boucher, Class of 2007
     United States Naval Academy

Stephen Greif, Class of 2007
     Dartmouth College

Jon Wiegand, Class of 2006
     University of Texas

Eric Trakhtenbroit, Class of 2005
     Trinity University



Allison Martinez, Class of 2012
     Trinity University

Erin Cusenbary, Class of 2011
     Trinity University

Lauren Agoubi, Class of 2010
     Williams College

Olivia Mora, Class of 2010
     Carnegie Mellon University

Candace Howell, Class of 2009
     Bentley College

Madison Benedict, Class of 2008
     Davidson College

Jordan Benedict, Class of 2007
     Davidson College

Maitlyn Kraft, Class of 2007
     Bentley College

Cassie Kraft, Class of 2006
     Bentley College

Amanda Lewis, Class of 2005
     Johns Hopkins University

Nikki Swift, Class of 2005
     Rollins College 

 Erika Castro, Class of 2004
     of Louisiana/Lafayette

Middle School

Andrea A.
Track & Field

Andrew A.

Upper School

Shay P.
Track & Field

Lewis C.

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