From the Archives

The Shield staff has been going through a large reserve of historical SMH photos. In each issue of The Shield, we have an unidentified photo on the back cover and asked for your help in identifying the individuals in the photo and what they are doing.

We are thankful to our SMH community members for writing to us. For the answers to the current and past issue's photos, click each photo below.

Do you have additional information? If so, please write The Shield editor at or at 9401 Starcrest Drive, San Antonio, TX 78217.

The Shield: Spring 2016

The Shield: Spring 2015

The Shield: Spring 2014

The Shield: Spring 2013

The Shield: Spring 2012

The Shield: Spring 2011

The Shield: Spring 2010

The Shield: Fall 2016

The Shield: Fall 2015

The Shield: Fall 2014

The Shield: Fall 2013

The Shield: Fall 2012

The Shield: Fall 2011

The Shield: Fall 2010