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Outside the Classroom

As students move through the Middle School, they begin to discover more about themselves and their roles in the world.

Continuing the core values education begun in the Lower School, Middle School faculty and staff model and teach core values in the classroom as well as in activities at Assemblies and Chapel services, during the Advisory Program, and through community service projects and student organizations.

Advisory Program

Students are assigned to a faculty advisor who provides personal guidance throughout the year during weekly small group lessons, individual meetings, and on-going parent communication. Lessons focus on character development, skills to improve academics, community service, embracing diversity, and the importance of emotional and physical health. All of these activities are structured around the needs of the student. The Advisory Program creates a relationship between the student and the advisor, who often becomes a mentor, an advocate, and a link for students, parents, other teachers, and the Middle School counselor.

Campus & Community Service

Middle School students are encouraged to step forward to see the need in their own community and address it with their time and talent. Middle School students take great pride in the service they provide to their city and school.

Guided by our service leadership on the Community Service Council, students and parents can volunteer together to have an impact on their community of San Antonio at the following service organizations:

  • American Red Cross
  • Animal Defense League
  • Haven for Hope

Student Leadership

Students at Saint Mary’s Hall have the opportunity to set themselves apart as leaders in the school community by running for council positions. Membership in the Senate, Community Service Council, and Sports Council is an honor as students are elected by their peers every year. To be elected to a leadership council, students must first excel in both academic and character expectations.

Student Organizations

Middle School Student Organizations

All Middle School students may join a club sponsored by a faculty member. The clubs have students from Forms 6-8, so students get to know students in other form levels with a shared interest. Clubs meet on a weekly basis and activities are planned by the club members. Some of the Middle School student organizations include:

  • Certamen Club
  • Environmental Club
  • Newspaper Club
  • philARThropy
  • Robotics Club


Sam Hamilton
Dean of Academics &
Head of Middle School
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