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Lower School

Montessori - Form 5

Lower School Teacher and Students

Through cross-curricular lesson plans developed by expert teachers, students can learn about the ecosystems of Texas wildlife during science class, learn to draw animals and plants during art class, and learn the names of those animals and plants in Spanish class. These types of lesson plans convert a child’s natural curiosity about the world into true competency of various subjects.

Paired with the love of learning that is developed in the Lower School, that competency becomes a foundation for their educational experience at Saint Mary’s Hall.


Starting in Montessori, Lower School students begin to learn basic and essential skills such as concentration, motivation, and self-discipline. They also develop fluency in reading high-quality literature and writing, knowledge of the world around them, both locally and nationally, mathematical thinking, basic science skills, and exposure to other cultures by learning Spanish. The main areas of the Lower School curriculum are:

  • Fine Arts
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Spanish

For a more detailed description of the Lower School curriculum, please download the Lower School Curriculum Guide.

Weaving Technology Into the Classroom

Technology plays an important role in our everyday lives, including the learning process. While technology can never replace individual and one-on-one instruction, it can effectively and positively impact our students’ learning. The Lower School has integrated technology into the classroom in many ways:

  • Each Montessori classroom has two iPad Minis for student use and learning, giving students a foundation in technology.
  • Kindergarten and Form 1 classrooms are issued one iPad Mini for every three students (1:3 ratio), giving teachers the ability to build on the skills learned in Montessori.
  • Form 2 classrooms are issued one iPad Mini and one lightning cable keyboard for every two students (1:2 ratio), allowing teachers the ability to create dynamic lessons to augment traditional teaching.
  • Form 3, 4, and 5 classrooms benefit from one iPad Mini for each student (1:1 ratio).


Alan Lenz
Head of Lower School
(210) 483-9267

Lower School News

Extended Care

Extended Care is offered as a before-school and after-school care program, which provides a safe on-campus location to play, do homework, read, and much more!